Blogger’s Coat of Arms (by various artists)

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19 thoughts on “Blogger’s Coat of Arms (by various artists)

  1. Klave Centesca (@KlaveCentesca)

    So very happy to see you are back, Father! Your previous blogs and interventions-past have been a key factor in our start in embroidering coats of arms on church vestments. This new blog, we hope, continues to be a beacon of inspiration as already it hints to be. Many happy returns and a joyous Eastertide.

  2. Edwin De Castro

    Dear Fr. Guy Selvester,

    I stumbled upon your blog .. very inspiring!
    I may be interested in the development of coat-of-arms.

    In the love of Jesus through Mary,
    Edwin De Castro

    † † †

  3. The Rev'd. Canon W. Courtney Fleenor

    Dear Fr. Sylvester,

    Whenever it is convenient for you, would you please share with me the artists that emblazoned your arms? If you only have time for one, I am most interested in the arms on the top row left side.

    Thank you.

    In His Service,

    Fr. Courtney Fleenor

      1. Randy Walker

        I really like that version of your arms as well. The late Richard Crossett and John Ferguson are two of my favorite heraldic artists. Like you, my love of heraldry began when I was a teenager.

        I believe you did a writeup on the development of your arms, beginning with arms that you designed when you first became interested in heraldry and continuing through the development of your arms shown above. Is that still posted somewhere on the internet?

        Randy Walker

  4. Paul Carmel Vella (Monsignor)

    Dear Fr Sylvester, I wish to ask you some questions about my coat of arms. I wish to draw my coat of arms, embracing both my surname’s symbols as well as some religious symbols, mainly connected with Our Lady, St Paul and St Nicholas of Bari. Would you be so kind as to help me? The motto I have chosen is NIHIL AMORI (CHRISTI) PRAEPONERE – taken from The Rule of St Benedict (ch 4, proposal 21).

  5. Markku Koponen

    Dear Fr Selvester,
    How to become member of the institution of ecclesiastical heraldry founded by you? Iam a Scandinavian Catholic ecclesiastical heraldist. Your M. Nicholas, OblSB

      1. Markku Olavi Koponen

        Dear Fr Selvester

        If one should be invited to the group would you be kind enough to invite me.

        I am:

        Markku Olavi Koponen B. Div, obl.s.b. (Prinknash Abbey UK)

        member of the Liturgical Board of the Catholic Diocese of Helsinki. Former Secretary of the Episcopal Curia of the Diocese. Former Secretary General for the papal visit to Finland in 1989. Member of the Scandinavian Heraldic Society (SHS), Member of the Finnish Heraldic Society, Member of the SwedishHeraldic Association (SHF) Co-founder of the Collegium Heraldicum Fennicum (CHF), Co-founder and former president of the International Heraldic Award in Honour of Robert de Caluwé (RdC) Among laureates the State Herald of South Africa and one Cardinal.

        Needless to say more. I have designed the coat of arms of my friend, the present Catholic Bishop of Helsinki, mins. Teemu Sippo SCJ.

        I would take it as an honour, if i was received a memeber of your group.

        Yours in Christ

        Markku Nikolaus Koponen, OblSB

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