A Gallery of Banality

In January several new Auxiliary Bishops have been ordained in the USA. Their choices regarding armorial bearings have been, shall we say, underwhelming. I am not commenting on the quality of the artwork, at least not for the moment. This post is concerned with the content and composition of these coats of arms from a heraldically correct viewpoint. Let’s have a look.

Most Rev. Timothy Freyer, Auxiliary of Orange, CA (ordained January 17)



Most Rev. Mark Brennan, Auxiliary of Baltimore, MD (ordained January 19)



Most Rev. Adam Parker, Auxiliary of Baltimore, MD (ordained January 19)


Gag. (and not entitled to the quarter of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher)

Most Rev. Gerard Battersby, Auxiliary of Detroit, MI (ordained January 25)



Most Rev. Robert Fisher, Auxiliary of Detroit, MI (ordained January 25)




One thought on “A Gallery of Banality

  1. Chris Green, President of the International Association of Amateur Heralds

    I have no particular quarrel with either the design or the emblazonment of the Freyer arms, with the possible exception of the eccentric shape of the shield, which I doubt was ever seen in real life. The Brennan and Parker arms were each apparently designed by the same “herald” and executed by the same artist. Both designer and artist need a good talking to, as does the artist involved with the Battersby arms, whose design might have been better executed by a talented artist. The Fisher arms are truly awful! The design starts badly with the shape of the shield, breaks the tincture “rule” at least three times and leaves us with the conundrum as to whether the brown (!) embattled bridge is meant to be part of the shield or sitting on top of it.


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