New Arms for a New Priest

This coat of arms was designed for a man about to be ordained to the priesthood. He chose mostly red and gold to allude to the arms of Pope Benedict XVI who inspired him to pursue the priesthood. The Jerusalem cross is for his travels in the Holy Land and his care and concern for the Church in the Middle East. The escallop shell is from his family arms and also represents both baptism and pilgrimage. The chevron is a stylized carpenter’s square for St. Joseph, to whom there is a particular devotion, and is silver (white) to allude to Our Lady. The motto, from Psalm 104, says “Always Seek His Face”.



3 thoughts on “New Arms for a New Priest

  1. Stephen v.B.

    An elegant and beautiful coat of arms, fr. Guy, but – the Latin motto from Ps. 104:4 should read “FACIEM”, not “FACIAM”. (Quite sure; I am a professional Latinist and have the Vulgate text lying open in front of me.)

  2. Jonathan C

    A very nice design, although personally I find it a bit sad for an armigerous priest not to continue using his family arms. Although I guess if there are names in religion, there’s no reason that there shouldn’t be “arms in religion” too. But having a priest in the family is a source of great pride for the family as well!


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