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Another Royal Wedding


Congrats to Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland on her marriage tomorrow to Mr. Chris O’Neill, an American who also has British citizenship, in the Royal Chapel in the palace at Stockholm. (her arms above; he has declined a title)

Benedict XVI to Montezemolo: “No Thanks”

It has been uncovered in a recent article that the proposal from Andrea Cardinal di Montezemolo that Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI should modify his coat of arms and place the crossed keys of St. Peter on the shield has been politely REJECTED. Benedict thanked His Eminence for the interesting study he made of the subject but declined to adopt any of the cardinal’s proposed changes. Good for him! The precedent set would have been a bad one…just like Montezemolo’s bright idea of dropping the tiara as a heraldic emblem in favor of a stylized tiara/mitre hybrid. It’s time that Montezemolo realized he’s no Bruno Heim!

Archbishop Jackels of Dubuque, IA


As mentioned in an earlier post the coat of arms of the former bishop of Wichita, now the newly installed archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa, The Most Rev. Michael Jackels, presented a challenge to the heraldic artist insofar as they were already impaled arms. In order to impale his personal arms with those of the see of Dubuque (as is customary in N. America) the archbishop’s personal arms would have to be modified in some way. I opined that perhaps dividing the personal arms horizontally, or “per fess”, and placing the two charges in each half would provide the opportunity then to impale the arms of the see with them. Someone else was obviously thinking along the same lines. As you can see from the photo above taken at the archbishop’s May 30 installation this is precisely what was done. I’m glad to see the handsome arms of the see of Dubuque were able to be incorporated into the overall achievement.

Heralds The World Over (#9: Flanders [Belgium])


We see here the Flemish herald Andre Vandewalle. Flanders is the northern Dutch-speaking part of modern Belgium. Historically, Flanders referred to a region in the southern part of the Netherlands. A friend once asked when referring to Flemish as a language, “Is there such a place as a country called Flem?” Hardly an original, or a very funny, joke.